{Ask Amy} "Where the Wild Things Are" Party Shirts

When my son turned 5, we had a "Where the Wild Things Are" themed birthday party!  Prior to the announcement that the movie was coming out, there were not a lot of options for party goods out there for this theme.

So we decided to have a "Wild Rumpus" through our local zoo!  We planned a scavenger hunt and I created passports for each child with the clues on each page.  The clues led us to all of my son's favorite animals throughout the zoo.  And each time we reached a new animal, each child got a stamp in the their passport booklet (of a wild thing of course!).  It was a really fun day!

 We had 7 children with us and in an effort to keep up with everyone, I decided to make Wild Thing t-shirts for everyone which also doubled as a favor.  My son got a shirt with 'Max' on the front and the back said "King of the Wild Things"...I also spray painted a free crown from Burger King metallic gold for him to wear.

Each of his friends received a shirt with a 'Wild Thing' of the front and the back said "I'm A Wild Thing!"  The kids loved their shirts and I loved being able to see the group easily in our public zoo!

My most recent "Ask Amy" question was regarding how I made the shirts.  So I decided to create a FREE downloadable file for you to create your own shirts for your party!  Just click on the file below and print on iron-on transfer paper.   Cut out designs, follow directions to apply transfer and you are ready for a Wild Rumpus!

(Note:  I used dark t-shirts to create my son's shirts.  But honestly, it is a much more involved process to create these.  I highly recommend using white or light colored t-shirts for an easier and cleaner look!)

I would love to see your creative take on your shirts!  Share your photos on my facebook page and I will share them here!

Have fun!