{Parties I've Styled} Dancing Monkey Birthday Party

UPDATE!!!  This photo was just featured on Martha's Dreamers Into Doers!  Thank you DID community!

Dancing Monkey Invitations

When I first started my etsy shop, I fell in love with some Anna Griffin scrapbook paper with what I call "Dancing Monkeys" all over it.  These monkeys were such a cute alternative to the same old "modern monkey" theme that seemed to be everywhere on Etsy.  I was looking to do something different...more creative...more fun!  So this was my first theme I put together and my first item sold!  Click on the collage of pictures below to view a slideshow of how it all came together.  The hats are still my favorite item!

Dancing Monkey Birthday Party
Here are some quick tips and resources I used to make this party come together:

Scrapbooking Resources for invitations, hats & banners:
Anna Griffin Riley 8'' X 8" Designer Mylar Overlay Sheets By The Package
Anna Griffin Riley Chipboard Letters By The Package

Anna Griffin Riley Chipboard Letters By The PackageAnna Griffin Riley Epoxy Stickers By The PackageAnna Griffin Riley Flocked Stickers By The PackageAnna Griffin Riley 8'' X 8" Designer Mylar Overlay Sheets By The Package

For your invitations, print your own with one of these great invitation kits, and embellish it by cutting out a monkey from the scrapbooking paper.  The monkeys on the paper I used are flocked so they are soft and fuzzy!  Really cute but a lot of work!  If you don't have time for handmade invitations, then purchase some from Anna Griffin.

Party Hats: 
Take a party hat from any party store and use it as your template.  Lay it down on your scrapbooking paper of choice and draw your template.  Cut out your party hat and assemble it.  Embellish the hat with ribbon trim, fun toppers & any additional details to make it your own!   You can reuse the stretchy string from the store bought party hats on your own creations or add pretty ribbon for an alternative solution.

Be creative with your display and the way you set your table...purchase a clear paint bucket and wrap it with scrapbooking paper, (the Anna Griffin paper I used was a clear acetate with the pattern of the dancing monkey on it...which made it very easy to use).  Use the bucket as your centerpiece and fill it with balloons or pinwheels, or lollipops for your guests!

For the napkin rings, purchase gift wrap bows made from real ribbon and tie to a baby rose...place on top of your napkins or tie around your napkin/fork rolls.

After the Party:
Have fun and be creative!  And after the party be sure to document your child's special day with a keepsake photo album.  Make it theme related and pull it out each year at the birthday parties so your guests can see how your child has grown year to year and each album will be evidence of each themed party she had.  Making a keepsake album is easy to do:  Purchase a small "brag book" size photo album and embellish it with scrapbook stickers, embellishments, and chipboard letters with your child's name and age.  Then add your photos, some quick notes about special memories and you are done!