Super Why Party Ideas

So, I had my first "Ask Amy" inquiry! Where people who need some help coming up with unique & fun ideas to make their party great can tap into my professional design background and get ideas on how to pull off the perfect party!

Tips for all the "do-it-yourself-ers" out there from ideas on where to find the best party supplies, great ideas for party foods, find a great baker, or just to get inspired!

Our first inquiry was for ideas for a "Super Why" Party for a girl including decorations, activities and goody bags.  So I scoured my sources and came up with the following ideas!

Super Why Party Ideas

Since Super Why is a program about the Super Readers Book Club, start with a door sign welcoming everyone to the Book Club! Choose the girl character the birthday girl likes best and print out a large image of her to add to the door sign.  Include your child's name and age for a personalized touch!

There are four main characters and two of which that are girls:  Whyatt (Super Why), Pig (Alpha Pig), Princess Pea (Princess Presto) & Red Riding Hood (Wonder Red).  The birthday girl could dress up as Princess Pea or as Red Riding Hood.  The other guests could have paper masks attached to party straws of the other characters for a masquerade style mask: green eye masks for Super Why, pig noses for Alpha Pig, princess wands for Princess Presto & a red beret hat for Wonder Red.

A great color scheme for a Super Why party for a girl is to play off of Wonder Red and use red tablecloths and mix in shades of purple partyware to give your party a feminine touch!   Add purple lunch plates, cups & napkins to compliment themed & patterned plates & napkins. Showcase food and desserts on solid coordinating plates and cake plates. Add hydrangeas or other seasonal flowers in white or light purple to add a touch of color to your table as well.  And don't forget the balloons!  Mix solid color balloons in red, lilac, & purple with red polka dot balloons to tie your color scheme together.  

Round out your theme with water bottle labels, food labels, & party hats!  You can find some on Etsy.  Most Etsy sellers will customize for you at no charge and if not, let me know...I'd be happy to create them for you! 

Another part of your decorations will be your cake or cupcakes!  For cupcakes, bake in red & white polka dot liners and top with question mark & exclamation mark candies that you make yourself with a candy mold.  And you can also have cake!  Checkout this super cute birthday cake I found from Kylla's Sweets. You can also highlight the girl characters and it would be really fun to make it a red velvet cake for Wonder Red!

Super Why Party Cake


I found some really great ideas for Super Why party games while I was looking around.  My favorite idea though was a Super Letter Search.  Take red glitter paper and cut out letters to spell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".  You can also add your child's name as well!  Send the kids on a letter hunt throughout your home & yard in search of all of the letters.  Create an "empty" pennant flag banner with enough pennants for each letter found.  Attach the found letters to the pennants and when the game is over, you have a personalized party banner for your child!

Other great game ideas are shown at PBS kids:

Party Favors:

Send your guests home with personalized favor tags featuring an image of Wonder Red and a message saying "Thank you for coming to my party!"  Take purple favor bags, stuff them with dark purple tissue paper and attach a red glitter letter to the front of each bag (use the first letter of each party guest's name for an added personalized touch!). 

Party favor ideas would include bookmarks for reading of course! You can print your own from PBS Kids. A set of Alphabet cards would also be great.  And why not include a book?  Choose from your favorites and send your guests home with something they can use.  You could also throw in a little something sweet with red rock candy or purple whirly pop lollipops!

I would love to see how the party turns out!  You can post your photos on our facebook page and share them with us all. Have fun!