Harry Potter Wizarding Party Ideas

I have to admit, I have never seen a Harry Potter film nor have I read any of the books...my son is still a bit young to get into the books, but he has discovered the films through the advertisements although he has yet to see any just yet.  We went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure this summer and we all got bit by the Harry Potter bug!

We got to eat breakfast at The Three Broomsticks restaurant in the Harry Potter world and I felt like we had just stepped into the movie!  And who could help but get caught up in it all with all of the "super fans" that were swarming around as the last movie had just been released!

So, it inspired me to seek out some really fabulous Harry Potter party ideas and I can't wait to share them with you!  These would be perfect for a movie watching party, any birthday party of course, and I love these ideas for a Halloween party too!

To start, what Harry Potter party isn't complete without Butterbeer!  Heather Bailey shares a quick and easy recipe and even describes how to make that gorgeous yellow crusted sugar rim around the glass!  And to top it off, she even shares how to make those magical broomstick stir sticks!

Some of the desserts, sweets, & treats I came across are so clever, I may just have to throw my own Harry Potter party to try these out!  So creative!  To start, these magic wands are so simple.  Licorice sticks dipped in white candy melts and sprinkled with white nonpareils.  Laid on a bed of orange M&M's, these wands are a perfect addition! Complete step by step instructions can be found here.

And these chocolate frogs by photographed by Melissa Prosser Photography are amazing! Take a frog candy mold and chocolate candy melts along with butterscotch candy chips and you are set with a treat good enough to eat!  For an extra sparkle, add edible gold dust to the butterscotch frogs.

These Golden Snitch cake pops are another fabulous addition to any Harry Potter dessert table!   Quidditch anyone?

And these Harry Potter inspired cupcakes are so cute!  I can't decide which ones I like best but all of them are the perfect reference to all things Harry Potter.

A golden snitch and Quidditch broom top these cupcakes from Clare's Cupcakes in the UK.

These cupcakes look so yummy with that extra butterscotch drizzled on top! Check out more photos from PJ's Baby Cakes to see all the details!

A collection of Harry Potter icons top these cupcakes also from Clare's Cupcakes in the UK.

And I adore these cupcakes!  The simplicity says it all!  

Now, what Harry Potter party would be complete without the wands and the costumes?  My son paid $30 for an authentic Harry Potter wand at Universal this summer.  While it is pretty cool, $30????  I love this idea to make your own wands from Sweet P Parties.  "The wands were made from wooden dowels. I rounded the end, dropped hot glue along the sides then spray painted brown."  Brilliant!

And these props are perfect for any photo booth!  No need for every guest to come in costume.  Just have these items ready and take a Polaroid picture for a great keepsake for your guests to take home with them!  Or do what I did and print a photo of each child in costume and include them in your thank you notes.   Check out these ideas for an easy photo booth.

More inspiration for props to make your Harry Potter party authentic.  Hang your Hogwarts banner & your Platform 9 3/4 sign.  And don't forget your wall scrolls...Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Syltherin, & Hufflepuff.  Check out all of the DIY tutorials and free printable labels to download here!

Now for games and activities to play, these ideas are easy and fun for all ages!  One great activity is to have each child make their own Harry Potter glasses.  Check out this free template for the glasses.  Play the sorting hat game with your very own Harry Potter Sorting Hat! And how clever is this idea for Magical Color Changing Drinks!  Dried food coloring at the bottom of plastic cups are revealed when liquid is added.  Your color reveals something about you!  Complete tutorial here!

And I love this idea for a Magical Creature Hunt!  Who doesn't have a few of these toys laying around?

We attended a friend's Harry Potter party this afternoon and had a blast!  I would love to see and hear all about how you pull your own Harry Potter party together!  Submit your photos and be featured!

UPDATE!  January 18th, 2012, check out these wizardly printables available from Eye Candy Event Details!  These are sure to be the hit of any Harry Potter Party!  She also has coordinating invites!