Halloween Costume Ideas - Family Costumes

Halloween is only 10 weeks away!  I get so excited every year when the craft stores start putting out all of their Halloween items! We love Halloween around here...nothing scary or gorey; just good old fashion fun! So who are you going to be?

A highlight in our Halloween planning every year is talking about what our costumes will be! Yes, we all dress up. Last year, we were Frankenstein & the Bride of Frankenstein!  The year before that, my son was a Star Wars clone trooper, I was Princess Leia, and his father was Obi-Wan Kenobi. And another year we were Peter Pan, Tinkerbell & Captain Hook.

It is always fun to dress up in family costumes. As you trick-or-treat through the neighborhood, you know which child belongs to which parent! There are great costumes available out there!

Martha Stewart continues to lead the pack in the do-it-yourself catagory. Each year offers an opportunity to come up with something original. Don't lose your child in the crowd. Check out some of my favorite ideas from Martha!

These spiders are the best! If you are going to be holding your baby anyways, why not be the web? The cheesecloth shawl is a perfect no-sew costume to surround yourself with. And who wouldn't look great in those spider shades?

And how cute is this beehive with the beekeeper? These costumes are easy to create with household & craft items. And it is a refreshing alternative to the classic bee costumes buzzing around. (These would also be a really cute addition to any bumblebee party!)

But if you are not a "do-it-yourself"-er, then you have to see these costumes from Chasing Fireflies! Half the fun is looking through the catalog at the beautiful details. These are truly keepsake costumes.

Little Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf! I can just imagine how much fun a brother would have playing this character.

I mean, seriously! Have you ever seen any costumes so beautiful? Kind of makes me wish I was a child again! So as you start to think about what your child will be this year for Halloween, think about ways to put yourself in one too! Your child will love watching you participate in this fun filled night! Leave me a comment and let me know what your family will be this year for halloween!