Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

I mentioned that we host a pumpkin carving party every year and each year I collect more templates to use to carve the pumpkins.  Last year, I carved my pumpkin using a template of a silhouette of a cackling witch.  It turned out really cool when it was lit up.

In my search for these patterns, I have come across some very cool pumpkins.  I love this Cinderella carriage created from pumpkins & real hardware!  And the shades of white & blue these pumpkins are in really make this something special. For detailed instructions to make this pumpkin, click here Now all I need is my Prince Charming...

(Hallmark Magazine, Oct 2008)
And I just love this little mouse house!  And the stitch mouth on this white pumpkin with glitter in the eyes and mouth, I LOVE this one!

(Hallmark Magazine, Oct 2008)
For years, I was always too anxious to carve my pumpkins and by Halloween, I was tossing them out and carving new ones just to have one lit for the trick-or-treaters.  So I finally figured out a solution...masks! I adore using masks on your pumpkins throughout the month before you get to carve your pumpkin.  

These vintage inspired masks were featured in Martha Stewart Halloween Oct 2009 issue. A cute witch and her entourage of friends masquerade as night owls and black cats. After the clip-art creatures are downloaded and cut out, they are tied to the pumpkins with seam binding. Carved eyes and mouth glow from behind each mask. To make a matching hand-held mask, glue a craft stick to the bottom. Download the templates here.

Another inspiration I just adore is from Martha as well. The ink-coated silhouettes are a sophisticated variation on pumpkin carving. You can also use the templates to make stamps for other decor as well. Use the cat template and stamp paper plates to make fun Halloween masks for the kids to wear. You can use the witch template to stamp the silouhette and frame it for some spooky art. Scale down all of the templates and stamp onto paper sacks to make custom treat bags. The possibilities are endless.

And these would be perfect in any graveyard! Be sure to check out Country Living for detailed instructions on how to create these skeleton arm pumpkins!

So, who knows what this year's pumpkin carving party will produce.  Whatever we end up with, it sure will be fun to create!  What was your favorite pumpkin your family carved?