Halloween Candy Favors

Long gone are the days of a big bowl of candy to dole out to all the trick or treaters! Honestly, we know all the kids in our little community, so I like to personalize and package treats for the kids each year. Here is a fun idea from Country Living for making your treats a hit on the block!

Candy Cone Decorations

Halloween entertaining is all about scaring up creative ways to celebrate the holiday. Neither children nor grown-ups want to miss out on trick-or-treating. Treat every guest to a surprise right at the door, perhaps with candy-filled cones nestled in a vintage plant stand aflutter with feathered crows.
photo credit: Matthew Benson

Candy Filling

Paper cones spill over with treats such as halloween swirl lollipos, rock-candy swizzle sticks, and chocolate eyeballs. You can find similar candies online at Old Time Candy. Another fun candy to add are lollipop ghosts.  Cover tootsie pops with cheesecloth and tie a ribbon around the  "neck".  For adults, consider more sophisticated fare — chocolate truffles and espresso beans and candy coffee stirrers.

photo credit: Matthew Benson

Candy Cone How-to's

1. To create a cone about 10 inches long, first wrap an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of heavyweight white paper on the diagonal. Trim excess paper. Use this as a template to cut as many cones as desired.

2. Shaping each cone according to the template, use pinking shears to cut a band of glossy orange paper about 4 inches wide for the middle of the cone, and a band of yellow paper about 3 inches wide for the top. Affix the orange and yellow bands to the white base, then join the ends of the cone together, using double-sided tape.  To add a handle, punch two holes on either side of the cone and add a strand of ribbon to make it easy to carry!

What ways have you packaged your treats? Be creative and have fun with it!  It's not hard to make your treats extra special for the little ones.