{Real Party} Mario Mark & Luigi Luke

Last year, when I finally gave into my son's wish for a licensed character birthday party, I never anticipated how much fun it would be!  Nor could I have comprehended how many people would be inspired by our little gathering to create their own Super Mario Bros party!  I was inspired by a lot of creative party givers myself throughout my planning, so it is so fun to see how my inspirations come to life in your parties!

So when Gina emailed me photos of her own Super Mario party for her boys, Mario Mark & Luigi Luke, I was THRILLED!  Gina is so incredibly creative and her party definitely is proof of that!  Gina shares the details of her event for two special little men in her life:

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The party was for Luke's 6th birthday and Mark's 5th birthday. They are 12 months 12 days apart so I always join their birthdays together.  We invited 30 of their friends to celebrate with us!  Every child received a hat and a shirt to wear. (I made the shirts myself and found the tees at the dollar store!) Each child was given a Mario character; the boys were either Mario or Luigi and all girls were princess. Mark was Mario (we called him "Mario Mark") and Luke was Luigi "Luigi Luke". 

We spent the afternoon playing themed games!  I did one whole group game - Mario Bingo and gave out the table decorations as prizes (small Mario toys I got at 50% off!).  Other games included:

Bowzer's Brain Buster:  I made puzzles from a Mario calendar.
Princess Peach Tiara Toss: Toss a tiara onto a pole. (So clever!!!)
Ice Power:  This was a huge hit! I froze small Mario toys in ice and kids had to dig them out.
Fire power: I made a game board with holes cut out from a Mario poster.
Mario Kart Madness: We used remote control cars to race around cones.
Yoshi Egg Balance: The kids had to balance ping pong balls on a ruler.
Billy Bullet Box Painting : I bought super cheap paper mache boxes online and had paint Star boxes like Starmen and round boxes like a Fire Flower.
Pin the Mustache on Mario/Luigi: I blew up images online at FedEx Kinkos and made them into posters. We used left over mustaches to stick on.

Each child was given a Mario pencil pouch (which I bought from the dollar bin at Target) and they used them to collect gold coins (candy from dollar store) at each game.

What a SUPER fun way to celebrate two birthdays!  Thank you Gina for sharing your special day with us!


Photography -  Philip Alan Photography
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Cake - Dream Cakes
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Mario Mustache Candy:  Lollipop Molds
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